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Garage Door Maintenance

Garage Door Maintenance Service By Zen Garage Door Repair Pasadena TX

Garage Door Maintenance – Rely on the Experts

Modern garage doors are now a sophisticated combination of different technologies. You may only become aware of this when you are faced with an emergency and an expensive bill for repairing your garage door.   It would make a lot more sense to set up a regular garage door maintenance account. If you live in Pasadena TX, you can get in contact with Garage Doors Pasadena TXWe can provide a comprehensive service and are available 24/7 if you do need immediate help with your garage door.

To avoid an emergency situation, it is best to start treating your garage door the same way you would treat your motor vehicle. Routine maintenance is an essential part of running a car. As such, it is important to start a monthly check of all the main components that are needed to run a modern garage door. If you see any damage, notice any changes in the operation of the garage door or start to hear some unusual noises developing, then do not hesitate to call our garage door maintenance company.

There are two general areas that you need to consider. The first consideration is your safety. If you try to replace high tension springs or cables, these could fly out at you and cause serious injury. The power supply uses the main electricity.  Therefore, qualified technicians should repair these systems. Be aware that the garage door could come down and crush your hands or feet.

Quality Garage Door Maintenance Parts

The second consideration will be the replacement parts. Our garage door maintenance company uses OEM or original equipment manufactured parts. These not only work out cheaper, but they are the components that are designed to be used for replacements.  Even if you think you have the expertise to deal with any repairs, the garage door maintenance service technicians will be using the correct components that will also last a lot longer than cheap alternatives. The company is also familiar with all the major garage door companies, such as Lift Master, Over Head Garage Door Houston, and Chamberlain.

Let’s look now at the different components. Springs–torsion and extension–have an important role in holding a garage door up and maintaining a smooth operation. Springs, like all metals. harden with use. Each time a garage door opens and closes, a force is applied to the springs.  This is called a cycle.  Garage door springs have an estimated life of 10,000 cycles. They are then prone to snap. This could lead to the garage door suddenly falling down, which is very serious.

You can determine when it would be necessary to replace all the springs in your garage door. A high “usage” garage door, which is used 8 times a day (for example a large family of a business), will need all the garage springs replaced in only 3 years.  This will take up to 14 years for a garage door that is used only twice a day.

Garage Door Maintenance  Service Checks

With garage springs and the high tension cables , it would be essential to obtain a garage door maintenance service from Zen Garage Door Repair.  This is especially the case if you use your car door a lot and are usually very busy.

It may be easier to monitor the rollers, hinges, and tracking.  You should be able to quickly determine if  a roller is starting to get damaged, worn, or chipped during your monthly checks.  The hinges may need adjusting.  Tracking may become damaged or blocked with debris. All of this can easily be attended to by a competent garage door maintenance service provider.

Another set of interrelated systems are openers. One very common problem is when the external remote control is out of alignment with the opener’s photo eye. The mechanical systems can be worn. These can either be drive belts or drive chains.  There could be problems with the power supply to the opener. This must be attended to by the garage door maintenance engineers.  Limit switches may need changing, along with circuit boards. For many, a garage door is a second front door.  You need a high level of security if you use a remote to open the door. So systems will need to be updated. Remotes and openers possibly reprogrammed, if security is to be maintained. Another important consideration will be the garage door it self. Panels can be made from a variety of different materials. Regular maintenance should not be ignored.

Garage Door Maintenance  Service

Door panels can be made of steel, aluminum, natural timbers, composite boards, along with plastics of various kinds. These will be in need of a garage door maintenance service.  Garage doors will have to withstand the summer heat, plus the strong rain storms.  Vehicles could reverse into them.  Having a  family could mean things being thrown at the doors. For whatever reason, these panels will wear and may get damaged.   Ignoring even minor damages is not wise.  Cracks in the panels may let water in.  This could get into electrical circuits and short out. Of course, internal parts will need oiling from time to time. Water will lead to rust on nuts, bolts, and mechanisms.  Dents in the panels may set up an  internal imbalance.  This could start to strain internal mechanisms.

Progressive rusting on rots in wooden panels must also be dealt with.  Again, a regular monthly inspection should pick up on any developing problems and damage.  Do not ignore any of this. Contact our garage door maintenance service representatives immediately.  This could save you a lot of problems and expenses later on. Another related structural component is the weather seal. Again, if these get broken, water and dirt will come in from outside.

Therefore, you will need to set up the following routines. A monthly visual check all round. Check the door balance monthly or every two months.  Rollers need detailed checking every six months. Spring and cable replacement depends on garage door usage.

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