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We were holding a social event when our garage door got stuck. This kept us from driving our guests home after the party. This was really very embarrassing for me and my husband, and it also inconvenienced our guests. I have tried the services of this company before, so I knew I could count on them. I gave them a call, and it took them no time to get to my place. I was very thankful that they were able to repair the garage door quickly and that we didn’t have to keep our guests waiting for long. Needless to say, these guys were real life savers!

Erica Cha

My friend recommended this company’s services to me. She was actually raving about how satisfied she was with their service when her husband accidentally lodged something on their garage door, which got it stuck. I recently had my garage door malfunctioning recently, so I remembered my friend’s recommendation and decided to try this company’s service. Well, she was right about the quality of the service they offered. They were very warm people and they were very polite so much so that I did not find them intrusive at all. The y also gave me and my husband some tips about how to get the garage door dislodged, so that was really helpful. Overall, I was very satisfied with the service they provided. I would definitely recommend them to my friends as well!

Dawn Thomas

I’m glad I called on these guys when my garage door was busted. I was very satisfied with the work they did. I had to make them come back to fix a glitch that they somehow missed initially, but they were very gracious about it. They even offered to give me a free car clean because of the mishap. I really didn’t mind, but I sure appreciated the kind gesture. I took them on their offer for the car cleaning service, and I was very satisfied with that as well. Overall, I received a very good quality of customer service on all aspects. They were also very pleasant to transact with, plus they made sure that all my needs are met. I will definitely use their service again!

Robert Jeter

I would highly recommend the services of this company for anyone who needs heir garage doors repaired. The way they presented their credentials right off the bat gave me the assurance that they were credible and that I could trust them. This is especially a concern for me because I’m a single mom and I have two small kids at home. The guys who came to repair my garage door were very nice, though, and they gave me no reason to worry about their character and their expertise. They assured me that they understood my concerns, and they made sure to keep a professional distance between us. This was very much appreciated! I know I would call on them again the next time I need their service!

Thomas Davis

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