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Garage Door Rollers

Garage Door Rollers Service By Zen Garage Door Repair Pasadena TX

What are Garage Door Rollers?

A garage door is made up many parts, and most of them are high-tension and made of metal or steel. Most people are passive when it comes to attending to the technical needs of their garage doors. This leads to outdated garage doors, which in turn can lead to bigger expenditures for installation services. The most common source of a garage door malfunction is from the rollers. What are these rollers exactly and what is their function in the garage door?

A garage door is mostly functional with the use of an opener, either operated by human effort or a motor. The opener system, which can either be a chain drive, belt drive, or screw drive, is connected to the garage door springs that counterbalance the weight of the entire garage door. Now the opener and garage springs are supported by the rollers. These garage door rollers are like the wheels of a skateboard with a metallic rod in the middle. The rollers are attached within the steel tracks that guide the garage door as it pulls up or down.

Without the rollers, the garage door springs won’t be able to carry the garage door at all. In short, the rollers support every opening cycle of the garage door. So make sure that your garage rollers are well-maintained and replaced at least twice a year. This is to make sure that most of the other garage door parts are in place and functioning well. Give us the chance to help you out in taking good care of your garage door. You can never go wrong in hiring Garage Door Repair Pasadena with your garage door problems. We have been the best service provider when it comes to garage doors here in Pasadena, Texas for years.

Types of Roller Garage Doors

There are three types of rollers: the Plastic Roller, the Steel Roller, and then the Nylon Roller. In our years of experience, the nylon roller is the best choice for whatever type of garage door there is. The key feature of rollers lies within the bearings inside. By the way, the rollers all have a metal rod in the middle, and they differ from each other in the material of the wheel. Plastic rollers are able to carry a limited amount of weight, which makes them suitable for single panel garage doors for residential properties. Steel Rollers are the heaviest of the three types and can carry the most weight, which makes them perfect for overhead garage doors. Finally, we have the Nylon rollers. Most nylon rollers have ten ball bearings inside, which makes them better able to support the weight of a heavy garage door. Nylon rollers are also lightweight without sacrificing its ability to carry something heavy. 

All of these rollers have their own features. The good thing about plastic rollers is that they are durable and the most economical of the three types. However, they don’t do well with commercial properties.  Whatever type of roller garage doors you have installed in your garage door, our team of professionals is capable of handling them. So the next time you have problems with your rollers, you know the people to call.

Garage Door Rollers Services

Zen provides every service you might need–from repairs, replacements, installations, and maintenance. Most rollers last for at least six to eight months before they need to be replaced. However, if you avail of regular maintenance and repairs, your rollers can last a whole year. That will surely save you a lot of money in the long run. Most rollers are prone to rust, which causes nothing but trouble for you and your garage door. Ever had those moments when you open your garage door and hear an irritating squeaky sound? Well, if you had one of those experiences, then your rollers are already covered with rust. We also provide rollers lubrication and track alignment. You need to make sure that your roller is properly aligned along the metal tracks for the opening cycle to run smoothly.

Our services also include a pre- and post-service inspection to determine the problem with your rollers and provide the necessary services. Conducting repairs or roller replacements requires us to disassemble the garage door panels and take the rollers out of the metal tracks. So if you’re thinking that you can handle the repairs yourself, then you are wrong. We do encourage people to conduct their own repairs, but to do and accomplish what we do requires years of experience and mastery over the entire structure of the garage door. So remember, don’t experiment.  It’s better to leave this critical job to the professionals.

Roller Garage Doors Cost

Our garage door rollers services are available all year long. For everyone interested in availing of our services, our phones lines are open 24/7 and so are hour business hours. So whenever you need our services, we will be there. We want our future customers not to focus on the roller garage doors cost, but rather on the value of having a well- maintained garage door.  A well- maintained garage with the rollers durable and functioning well is a well- secured garage door. Most people fail to see the value of the results of our services. We want to secure your garage door as much as possible, to protect you and your family from the dangers brought by some people wanting to enter your home uninvited.

There have been many reports of property crimes here in Pasadena, and we want a decrease in the crime statistics of that area. So this is why we do what we love to do. Zen Garage Door Repair is dedicated to providing efficient, fast, reliable, and affordable garage door services to everyone, not only to the residents of Pasadena, Texas. For more information regarding our services and service rates, visit our website or get in touch with one of our customer service representatives.

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