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Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Openers Service By Zen Garage Door Repair Pasadena TX

How the Garage Door Opener Works

The whole garage door opener system is placed at the center and at the top of the garage, facing the garage door.  You will have a remote, much the same as a TV remote    When you are outside the garage and want to open the garage doors, you click on your remote to open the garage doors.   The remote sends a signal to the “opener” via the “eye”.  When the “opener” receives the correct signal, then a relay is switched on.

The power unit is placed on a trolley. This whole system moves up and down. The drive is either a chain and sprocket system or a screw system. A more recent commercial system uses torsion rods and is known as a jackshaft opener.  An arm from the trolley connects to the top of the garage door.  It is this which is the main “garage door opener”.  This system is not strong enough in itself to move the entire weight of the garage door.   There are a system of springs and cables, along with a carefully designed pulley wheel system, that reduce the overall weight of the garage door.

The opener trolley has a quick release mechanism. This is needed if there is a power cut and the garage door has to be moved manually. The limit switches, which are part of the main power unit, set the distance that the trolley, and hence the whole garage door can move up and down smoothly.

Garage Door Opener Maintenance and Repair

From this brief description, you can see how many interconnected systems work together to ensure that the garage door opens and closes effortlessly.  Over time, problems will start to build up. Components may start to get worn or damaged.  This is where it is important to have access to a good professional  garage repair company. You will need the best opener garage door repair services if any of these systems start to malfunction, causing the garage door to not open.

For anyone in Pasadena TX, the best option by far would be to call Garage Door Repair Pasadena.  We provide 24/7 service that can guarantee a skilled technician arriving at your home the same day.  They will have the equipment parts, and of course, the expertise in dealing with any of these problems.  In most cases, your garage door will be repaired and become fully operational again.

The most common problem is when the photo eye is not aligned properly. This is the way the garage remote connects with the opener. If there are problems elsewhere, these can be easily sorted out. This could mean the repair and replacement of the drive motors, repairing the chain, and sprocket, or screw drive systems. The reasons for this may be due to worn or damaged parts. Alternatively, the drives may have gotten blocked. Circuit boards may need replacement. This applies to limit switches and any mechanical components. It is also important to make sure that the remote and “opener” systems are kept totally  secure and safe.

The Best Garage Door Opener Repair Service

The service on offer from our Pasadena TX garage door repair company also extends to the whole range of repair and maintenance problems that can be found in modern garage doors.  We can provide the best garage door opener.  We also have expertise in dealing with the mechanical problems that can arise in garage doors. Springs, torsion and extension, are used throughout a garage door. They help keep the door in balance, as well as help hold up the garage door.

Like all metals subjected to a force, springs will work harden and snap in time.  Each movement of the garage door causes the springs to stretch and move.  This is a cycle. A spring has a set “life” of 10,000 cycles. The springs in a garage door with heavy usage and that is opened 8 times a day will snap in around 3 years.  Springs in a very light “usage” door that is opened only twice a day can last as long as 14 years. For any one running a business that continually uses garage doors, they should be aware that a professional garage door repair company should regularly replace all the garage door springs. This also applies to cable wires that help hold up a garage door.  If any of these were to snap, the door would not open. Cables and springs are held under very high tension. Replacing these could be very dangerous.  It is important to use trained technicians.

Avoid Expensive Garage Door Installation Cost

Ignoring maintenance will mean recurring garage door installation costs, as you will be forced to buy a new garage door sooner than was necessary.

Looking at springs to start with, there are torsion and extension springs that are essential in the smooth opening and closing of the garage door. They all have a fixed life time.  Metals harden in time and will snap every time a force is applied to them. Each time the spring moves, a force or a “cycle” is applied to it. Springs will snap after 10,000 cycles.   A high usage commercial or domestic garage door will face this situation in only 3 years if the doors are opened on an average 8 times a day. A low usage rate of only 2 openings a day will mean spring replacement in 14 years. If they start to snap, then the  garage door will not operate. Replacing them has to be undertaken by the specialists in  Zen.

Removing a high tension spring could be dangerous, plus the garage door has to be properly secured.  We will use OEM Original Equipment Manufacture components. These are not cheap substitutes. All costs will be “up front,” and there will be no extras or hidden charges.

Pretty much the same scenario applies to the high tension support cables that are also used in garage doors. Rollers will also wear.  The associated hinges may need tightening.  Your monthly intersections should pick up on this. If there are any problems, call the experts.

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