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Commercial Garage Door

Commercial Garage Door Service By Zen Garage Door Repair Pasadena TX

The Commercial Garage Doors of Your Business

Oftentimes, it is something we overlook that has a profound effect on how we conduct our business. This is because it is something you often take for granted. Take, for example, your commercial garage doors. You probably do not recognize how often they contribute to your business remaining profitable. Every time they successfully open and close, you are able to release a vehicle that goes on to perform an important business function. But what if they just stopped opening? This case of malfunction could hurt your efficiency, productivity, and eventually your profits. This is why you have to either prevent these malfunctions from happening or, at the very least, fix them as soon as possible. We at Garage Door Repair Pasadena TX are quite proficient at either solution, as well as all sorts of services involving garage doors, which is why we proudly provide our expertise to the Pasadena, TX area. When it comes to your garage doors, you can trust us.

Variations in Design and Size

There is no one right specifications and dimensions for a commercial garage door. It depends on the type of vehicles you use for your business, as well as the size of your garage. Commercial garage door sizes vary depending on the size of the vehicle. For instance, if the garage will be holding a large truck, then the garage door must be the appropriate size to accommodate the truck. Likewise, if it will only be storing motorcycles, then the garage door can afford to be smaller. There are also quite a few designs that you can use for your commercial garage door. Some businesses still use traditional garage doors, which use a single slab that opens by going outward a little before going up. More modern businesses use sectional garage doors, which split the door into panels. It is also quite common in businesses to use roller garage doors, which open by rolling the door like a scroll, making it a viable option for garages with a low headroom. No matter what you choose for your business, it can only be one that meets your requirements.

Commercial, Not Residential

When thinking about garage doors, we hardly distinguish between the residential and the commercial. While there are probably more similarities, there are key differences that you need to take note of. Commercial garage door sizes vary a lot more than residential ones, as most of the garage doors at home are simply standard to fit a large SUV. This means that there is a lot more variety in commercial doors. Aside from that, commercial doors are subject to a lot more punishment, as they go through more cycles. A cycle is an instance of the garage door opening and closing. A residential garage door typically goes through four cycles a day, whereas a commercial garage door can have 15 or more. This means that commercial doors need to be more durable. It also means that commercial doors need a lot more regular maintenance from an expert in garage doors in order to make sure that they keep running smoothly.

Professional Service for Commercial Garage Doors

There are quite a few businesses that offer to provide services for commercial garage doors, but only a few can boast years of service to the Pasadena, TX area like we can. Even fewer can boast a reputation built on trust and customer satisfaction. We at Zen Garage Door Repair know exactly what our customers want, as we have been hearing it for the entire time we have been operating our business. We know that our customers want a comprehensive list of services offered by one provider so they need not look elsewhere. This means installation, maintenance, repair, and replacement all from one source. We have the best personnel in the business working under our brand, and we give them the best tools to use on your garage doors. We practice competitive pricing, so you can be sure you are not overpaying. Furthermore, we operate 24/7 all year long, so no matter how inconvenient you think the time may be, we are more than happy to service your garage door.

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